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You’ve Got a Passion for Teaching. Make Sure Your Students Get It!

Quantum Educators who use Quantum Learning in their classrooms have more fun, infuse more passion, and get significantly better student results than their peers!

What is Quantum Learning?

Quantum Learning is an integrated model of teaching and learning that creates passionate teachers, engaging classrooms and meaningful content resulting in accelerated student achievement. It is the masterful orchestration of research-based strategies, along with the WHY behind them, that create the powerful results. Quantum Learning is a comprehensive approach to teaching that incorporates research, best practices, effective delivery methodology, classroom management techniques, strategies for student engagement, leadership models…and the WHY behind it all.
Included in Quantum Learning trainings is brain research and models to:

1. dramatically increase student learning
2. significantly improve student behavior
3. prepare students for success through effective classroom participation and study techniques and strategies
4. teach students how to prepare for and successfully take tests – without undue stress
5. build character and help students develop life skills for emotional and social well being

Quantum Learning for Administrators focuses on school leadership, building a strong culture of mutual responsibility for student achievement, and on instructional leadership – knowing how to support teachers to be their most effective in the classroom and with parents.

Quantum Learning for Students teaches students “learning to learn” skills including HOW to learn, HOW to study, HOW to prepare for and take tests and HOW to retain learned information. It also teaches personal leadership, self motivation, and important life skills that are critical to a student’s overall success.

The Intent of Quantum Learning: To facilitate a dramatic shift in learning, comprehension and retention as well as interest in and desire to learn on the part of students. To inspire, motivate and guide teachers to be more effective and successful and to bring joy back to teaching.

• Over 20,000 educators have been trained in Quantum Learning through school-wide, district-wide, regional and public trainings ( see results of educator evaluations attached).
• Accredited by: Commission on International and TransRegional Accreditation (CITA), the same agency that accredits schools. Also accredited by the, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
• Graduate credit is offered at sponsoring universities.
• The Quantum Learning Comprehensive School Reform Model is only one of four models selected in 2004 by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory for their national Catalog of School Reform Models.
• Over 45,000 students have attended Quantum Learning programs for students in both public program offerings and customized, on-site programs.

Content of Programs for Staff Development for Teachers and Administrators:

• Learn important history and applications of brain research and how we learn
• Learn how to get students to tag things into long-term memory, and get it in such a way that he/she can access that memory and use it…in its entirety.
• Learn how to accelerate learning in students.
• Learn a powerful repertoire of teaching strategies to gain student engagement
• Learn about brain-wave states and the best ones for learning.
• Learn how to use effective traditions and rituals to habituate desired behavior in students. Change student “state” and keep them anticipating.
• Learn how to use narrative chains, mnemonics, more current mind mapping techniques, pegs and other forms of teacher moves to facilitate understanding and retention.
• Learn how to dramatically improve classroom behavior.
• Infuse joy into learning and teaching.
• Make content more meaningful and memorable.
• Support standards-based curriculum.
• Increase student achievement.
• Learn the steps to building a strong foundation, a positive atmosphere of rapport and respect

Quantum Learning has well substantiated results with students significantly improving grades, increasing participation levels, and measurably feeling better about themselves.

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